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Friday, January 27, 2012


So on our adventure to find this game that Noah wants "Sonic Unleashed", he found it watching YouTube videos. He loves to watch those videos and learn how to play his games better. We went to Walmart and Gamestop over by it. Then we wanted to try one more by Kroger. I dropped Mike and Noah at Gamestop then took Gabe to the grocery store with me to grab a few things.

Well on their way back there is a Karate Academy. Noah saw the sign that there is a "Learn how to be a Jedi" class tonight. OF course he wants to go! That kid LOVES Star Wars. So last night there was a class he could go to for an evaluation from the instructor. He did pretty good. He was SO stinking excited to go to class. I can't take him tonight to the Jedi class, I have to work. BOO! I am sure he will have a great time in class tonight. I just wish I could go, but I get to take him to other classes because we signed him up go to twice a week. He starts on Saturday.

We are going to be super busy this semester. T-ball, Karate, school, and work. I might be a little bit of an insane person! So here'e hoping that I will survive this!

that is all...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What is it?

With moms and their birth stories? We all seem to have this diarrhea of the mouth when it comes to telling our birth stories!

When ever we get together we just have to retell every last detail we can regurgitate out of our mouths. Every pain, very last bloody detail. Like we are trying to out do each other that our labor was "so much worse" than yours. You had it easy! Ok I am just as guilty of this horrendous offence. I apologize if I have done this to you in the past and you had NO desire what so ever in the whole world to hear one damn word. So to honor this gross tradition I will replay my birth story for you of my eldest son :)

Noah Joyce 9lbs 8oz 10:45pm 10/2005

Since I was 5 days over due and had about 5 trips to the hospital for "false" labor. My Dr decided to induce my labor at my 40wk appointment. I went in about 5am for induction. Since my now ex-step mother was there she insisted that everyone (mom, inlaws, hubby, and her) all get up at the ass-crack of dawn and go with me and hubby. They started me on my drip and for awhile it was a cake walk.

Then about 1pm -ish my Dr broke my water (which by the way if you have a inverted uterus it is quite painful) I had only been poked by about 5 different nurses because only 1 of the 5 could reach and even see if was dilating. That's when the REAL labor started. OMG I had never felt anything like it before in my life! I commend the ladies that do it drug free, but that AIN'T for me! The nice nurse gave me something groovy to take the edge off till I could get the epidural. Boy did it ever work, so good that it knocked my ass out for like 3 hours!

I woke up in tears wanting my drugs! I was so dizzy that I couldn't open my eyes, because I knew if I did I would vomit on anyone close. My mother and ex-step mother(ESM) tried to help me work through the pain, but after about 10 mins of my ESM saying "visualize the dolphins in the ocean" I wanted to punch her lights out. I waved her off to shut up and thank goodness the REALLY nice nurse with the drugs came in soon after.

This part was kinda hazy to me so I was told what happened. My ESM was in the way of the nurses and was picked up and moved out of the way in order to do my epidural. I remember swinging my legs over the side of the bed and then back after a few mins. Then the pain was gone and out I went again!

Then about 5ish my mother in law had a chat that we both thought it was going to end in a c-section. It was a short conversation because I passed out again! lol

So when I woke up again I wasn't sure of the time but it was around shift change and it was dark outside. That's when my little man in my belly started to have late decells and they called the Dr and it was time to end my suffering and I was SOOO ready to have him out!

So I was prep'ed and carted to the operating room. They actually started the c-section before Mike even came in the room. He sat down next to my head and I was of course strapped to the table like a mental patient. When they went to pull him out, they say "OK you are going to feel some pressure."

PRESSURE MY ASS! My little 5ft nothing Dr was laying on my stomach and the other BIG HUGE linebacker Dr that was assisting, had one leg on the table and was trying to pull him out. He was stuck in my pelvis! OW OW OW OW OW, Mike was like it doesn't hurt it's just pressure. BULL CRAP it HURT! I am a little person, he was a MONSTER child!

They pulled him out and cleaned him up a bit before they brought him to me to see, while the Dr's put me back together. I was in love, my sweet little boy was finally here for me to see and touch. Oh wait my hands were strapped to the table so did I get to hold my baby first you ask? UM NO! Mike got to hold him for a bit and then they took him to the nursery. Then I "think" Mike left because I "surprise face' passed out again. When I woke up again, I was still in the Operating room. They saw I was awake and my Dr peeked over the blue cloth and said she was so sorry for not believing me when I told her my family history of having BIG MONSTER children in both families. Then they told me how much he weighted because ya know I was asleep when that happened. I quote "holy shit!"

When the next time I awoke I was in the recovery room. Everyone was standing around me, my sister in laws, brother in laws, friends were there to greet me and our new family member. Who was brought in a little while later after his first "bath."

I spent 3 days in the hospital. The day after I had him I swelled up like a balloon! I had no ankles! Just legs and feet. I was grateful to the nursing staff that helped me to and from the bathroom. I had to swallow my pride once and get the nurse to help me get out of the shower and dry off.

One thing everyone forgets to mention is the hormone crazy party fest in your body. One minute you are burning hot and the next you are freezing. It happens that fast.

I couldn't lay flat or stand straight up for like a month because I hurt so bad!

But ya know all that didn't make me not want to do it again. Because I knew I was the exception to the rule on that kind of birth. And all that pain and everything was 1000% worth it. Any mother will tell you the same damn thing. Everyday that my now 6yr old tells me that I am the best mommy ever makes it all worth it.

Everything I do to go to school and work, is all for my boys. I would go to the moon and back for them. and with that said

that is all... (sorta) :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Comforts for Baby and Toddler, Bzzagent

I got my Comforts kit today! I am so excited about getting this kit from them! I knew that I was going to get a free pack of diapers but was unaware that I was going to get so much more! 2 sippy cups, a coupon for a free pack of diapers, 5 20% off coupons good for diapers, formula or wipes, and a full size box of wipes! Just what I need and use! My 2yr old will be very grateful (even if he doesn't know it!) for a clean bottom and new cups! And I will be great for trying out new things and getting such great products!

As I mentioned in my previous post that I already use and love comfort diapers! They are a wonderful product to use, especially if you are on a tight budget like we are in this house! I actually started to use them when they were a gift at my baby shower from a friend. I have tried many brands and they are just as good as the pricey name brands. I am a Kroger brand girl and will always be! Thanks again for the kit!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First day of Spring Semester

Soooooo, today was the first day of my first year in the Spring Semester of the HIT program at TCC.

We started with 17 students last semester, and have 17 again this semester. However we did lose one student and gained one from last year that had to drop out for personal reasons. The student we lost she will be missed, she also has dropped for personal reasons. I think being a mommy is a GREAT reason! She had her first son (her first baby at all) last week via c-section. Being that I have had 2 myself, that ain't no picnic to recover from and then jump right back into 13 or more hours of school! Plus I am 100% sure that little bundle of joy (BTW he is too cure for words! Yes she text another student a pic so we could see the little man) isn't sleeping all night and eats at least every 2 hours! I wish her all the luck with her new baby and look forward to see her again and soon.

We went over a few things, my Tuesday class that I have in the afternoon, we went over a bit of the first unit. This is a hybrid course, meaning that I will have to take about 49% of the lecture material at home and study the questions. Starting Feb 7th I will have a exam in that class almost every week till Finals. Only 2 weeks I won't: Spring Break and the week we have to present our Surgery Poster Project.

See my class (Class of 2013) is special you see. We are the first class going to be studying ICD-10 only. The second year students got mostly ICD-9 and some ICD-10. Because we are the "newbies" of this we HAVE to get new books. One of my books isn't even in print yet, not till next month. I have had to pre-order it. I got one of my CPT code books (ambulatory coding, TTh class), my pathology book, and I have a WONDERFUL classmate that has loaned me her pharmacology book. My IP (inpatient, aka ICD-10) book and my other CPT book will be here tomorrow. Well according to UPS anyways!

This semester is going to the be the heaviest load for me for the whole 2 year program. Thankfully I have all my other non-HIT classes out of the way other than the pharmacology class that is an online class this semester. So next fall I have ethics and clinicals, then in the spring JUST clinicals! WOO HOO! So I hope and pray I can get a HIM job and start working next year.

In my final semester we have a 2 year cumulative final to take. I will also be able to sit for my certification exam, the RHIT (registered health information technician). I get to have initials after my name! COOL!

So last semester I ended with a 4.0 for the semester (yes I am tooting my own horn on that one). One of my professors had us do a calendar project last semester where we had to answer a few questions about our schedules, i.e. what week did I have the most exams, etc... She added a note at the end when she handed it back to me. She said that she was proud I ended with all A's for the semester, but not to lose sight of what is really important like my kids and my health. Not to push myself so much and to hard and to know that a B in the class is perfectly A-OK.

This is also the same professor that emailed me and talked to me after class when she had learned of the passing of my Nana. She is a wonderful teacher and really cares for her students. Leading up to my Nana's passing I was asking her a lot of medical questions to make sure I was understanding them correctly (I was getting all my info 3rd hand) I was taking medical terminology last semester. I understand quite a lot of medical things, hubby's a nurse, mother in law retired nurse, and my sister in law is in the field I am going into. But you know when it comes to a loved one you want to make sure you understand what is going on and why. I was unable to go out there and get closer, so being able to talk about this with her was quite helpful.

WOW I have really gotten off topic here! Anyways, first day went well. I am sitting here writing this and afterwards I am going to get to my patho homework and start to answers the study questions and maybe some pharm too. Lets see what I can get done in a hour or so before putting the oldest to bed for the night. and on that note....

that is all...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Can not Stand IT!

OK I am one of those "to each his own" kinda gals. But when I hear on the radio about a Dj saying "hey it's celebrity "x" and he did "x said illegal thing", give him a break" Um no, that ain't ok in my book. You do something that is ILLEGAL and you get caught of course you have to pay the price. THATS WHY IT IS CALLED ILLEGAL IN THE FIRST PLACE!

What ever you do on your own time in your own home is your business and not mine. I don't care if that is what you want to do with your life. Like I JUST said its YOUR life not mine. So when I hear someone say crap like that, it really gets me going. Because it is saying that it is OK to do illegal things to our VERY impressionable youth of America.

I know I am probably going to get slack for this but ya know it really chaps my hide when I hear that on the radio. It is a BIG sign saying YES DO THIS ITS OK, when its not. Giving a celebrity a break or special treatment because they make a lot of money is not ok. Everyone else in the world has to follow the law and rules, doesn't make them anymore special than me or anyone else. So I know I might be over stepping a bit on this one but hey its MY blog and I write what I want to. You don't agree, then that sounds like a personal issue to me. so with that

that is all...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wow that was so yummy!

I experimented with my dinner last night. I used a French onion soup mix from Kroger to marinate my steaks in for a few hours. I poked holes in them to make sure they soak up as much juice as possible since I wasn't doing it over night. I put them in the oven at 400 for about 35 mins, at which I checked them , poured off a bit of the juice, put a good amount of freshly shredded Swiss on top. Popped them back in till the cheese melted. O M G they were sooooooo yummy!

I cooked baked potatoes and green beans to go with. I wish I had some rolls to put with them, that would have made it perfect!

I love to try new things. Especially when the whole family cleans their plates!

Tonight I'm taking the night off from cooking. Going on a much needed date with my hubby. I am looking forward to it. We are going to Fuzzy's Taco Shop. YUM, if you live in the DFW area and like fish tacos. That is the place to get them. They are always good! I thought t might be weird with feta cheese but actually it's really good! If you haven't eaten there you need to!

Of course we are going to be back in time for kickoff of the National Championship, in time for my boys to beat some butt! ROLL TIDE!!!!!

That is all...

Comforts for Baby and Toddler

I am going to be receiving a FREE comforts package from! I am so excited to see what is going to be in my package! I actually already use these products from my local Kroger store. I have used their products on both my children.

I have a very high opinion of their diapers, I use the size 5 Comforts for Baby right now on my youngest child. I have used a variety of brands, from the pricey ones to the cheapest I could get my hands on. Being a "frugal" person you tend to try things out to see which is the best deal in the long run, which one works best, and compare your findings. Comforts is a good price, at least $10 less per package over the leading Name Brand. I haven't had issues with them leaking other than if someone (to be unnamed) doesn't change his diaper before bed and he wakes up wet on the sheets. And if this does happen (which is not often) it really isn't much on the sheets or him. This actually happened today. They are very durable and I trust their brand of products. I use the wipes too.

The wipes have a great smell or you can get unscented if your child has a allergy. There are other options like getting the sensitive wipes and such. JUST like the leading name brands. BONUS they are WAY cheaper! When your a mom of 2 going to college in her 30s, with a hubby in school and working too, you will see what you can do to have a balanced budget.

I also have used their Toddler products in the past as well. I have to say I am a Kroger brand kinda girl. I really honestly can not tell the difference in A LOT of their products. I highly recommend you give them a whirl! and on that note...

that is all...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Family, and more

SO I am sooo excited today! My bestie in OH is having a GIRL!!! YIPPPEEE!!!! You know me I can't pass up a great deal, I knew we had a bunch of mark downs at Old Navy. So of course today I scored, 8 oneies, 1 pair of shorts, and 1 pair of leggings (and a pair of clearance earrings for myself) for less than $9!!! WOOT SCORE!

I am so excited to send them to her. I love buying girl cloths, sometimes I wish they were for me, BUT I would NEVER trade my boys ever! They are so sweet and happy kids. So for now I am more than happy buying girl cloths for friends. I am no where near ready or evening thinking of any more. Frankly we are not even sure if we want anymore than two. With both of us in school, Noah in (possibly) two sports this year, a two year old that is into everything, and the in laws here. Its just not in the cards for us at this point. I am thankful that not to many people are on the "occupy my uterus" bandwagon.

So do you have people that have that issue with you? I know a good friend of mine just blogged about this the other day (sorry it just came to me I am not snagging I promise!)

See when I found out I was pregnant with Noah, my cousin "L" and "B" were both preggers at the same time. All boys that go around. Found out about Gabriel, again "L" and our cousin by marriage "S", 2 boys and a girl. So when "S" popped up preggers awhile back (she is a few months old now) "L" and I both freaked out and were like "you can stay away from me NO way I want another one right now!" It seemed to run in our family in 3's. With the addition of "S" that made 20 great-grandchildren in our family! WOW! I have 13 first cousins and 18 second cousins! I have quite a LARGE family! Other than 2 that are not of age of my first cousins, my cousin "P" just found out that his wife is expecting! Here comes #21! So he is the last of the "of age" crowd to have kiddos. They are still in grade school, so NO kiddos coming from them any time soon!

Well I was going to write more but my meds have kicked in for my shoulder. I have been in a lot of pain today which stinks!

that is all...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holy catfish!

So Friday while at Old Navy I found a pair of jeans for $.97! Woo hoo! Then today I found 5 pairs of shoes, 1 jacket, and a nail polish for $9.05! Woooo hooooo!!! Super score for me and the boys!

While some of you know I work there (all things said in my blog are my own personal opinion not to be confused in any way with Gap, Inc.) I was lucky and found these great markdowns! Not an everyday thing! A few months ago a ton of girl boots got marked down to like less than $3 each. I purchased a few pairs for my nieces as gifts for later. I love when I find good deals and can put things away to give later. The shoes I got today are for summer some for this year and some for the next. For $1.47 or less I think I can splurge a smidge and get them a few pairs.

Before I started working there last summer I was shopping in the clearance section (my fav spot in any store) and found a pair of sandles without a tag. So I was like I will just see how much they are, they were from the season before and were $.47! Um yes I will take them! At the time I was shopping for more work shirts (black or white).

I'm super excited about the jacket. It was from last season and it's nice! I needed a nice jacket that looks more professional when I start my clinicals next year. Which I have to be on the look out for dress pants to go on sale too. I am in desperate need of bottoms for clinicals. I found out no leggings, no denim (duh), and no crop pants. Crap leaves me with 1 pair of pants and 1 skirt. I have 4 pairs of nice Express Stuido dress crop pants, but not allowed to wear them to clinicals. So I am going to have to expand my wardrobe a bit. I have enough tops to wear (maybe a few more if they are a good deal). So anyone find any super awesome deals lately?

I got 3 iPhone/iPod/iPad cables for $1 each from a websites flash sale one day. Sweet! Same place I got Noah a batman remote controlled car and a few other things.

Speaking of deals I need to call and see what the F is up with my mother in laws gift card. I ordered on 12/14/11 and I still don't have it. Called them several times. Need to call again in the morning and give them an earful.

Well my back is now saying its had enough and time to go to bed. Sooooo

That is all...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pain Sucks!

Today is the second day that I'm stuck laying down because of back pain. So my in laws helped me by handing me all the Christmas stuff so I could put it all away. We love to look at it all but I'm sure happy to reclaim my house back.

While I was bringing in the boxes from the garage I meet one of our new neighbor's. They started to move in yesterday. They were having a good time last night. Hope it's not a habit and it was just for the New Year. The people behind us were shooting off fireworks last night and scaring the shit out of Molly. Poor dog she probably won't go outside at night for a month now (at night). She was either shivering next to me or hiding in the closet last night. After the 4th of July she wouldn't go outside at night for a month. She was too scared. Don't blame her one bit. My poor sweet baby girl.

As I type my mother in law in helping me clean the house by vacuuming. I so glad for her help the last few days. Especially with the boys. I shouldn't be lifting up on Gabriel when my back is like this. That way I don't hurt myself more.

I'm going to take a nap now. So on that note

That is all...