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Saturday, October 31, 2009

My first

This is my very first blog! I'm very excited to get started, I've been wanting to start one for some time now.

A little background on me for those who don't know me very well. I'm a 28 yr old mom of 1, and expecting my second son on the 24th of November with a planned c-section. I meet my husband in 2001 at TAMUG in Chemistry Class (I know its pretty funny!). We actually meet through his roommate that I was shorta dating. It obviously didn't work out with the roommate! I moved back home to Dallas from Galveston the summer after my freshman year. My boyfriend at the time was my current husband. We broke up not to long after I moved back home for reasons that were beyond silly now. We both dated others for the next 2 years, one day I got an email from him with his cell number in the message. So I called it and we meet for dinner in the near future. We both realized we missed each other and that the others we were dating just weren't up to par with each other. I was however about to move to Las Vegas near my father. I did move and we lost touch for awhile. We did get back together and got married! I then 10 days after our I do's went to work for Walt Disney World for 8 months! So for the first 8 months of our marriage we were separated, he was in Texas and I was in Florida.

After my internship was over in Orlando, he came down to get me and we drove to Missouri to live with his parents for awhile. After a few months we decided to move back to Texas, moved into his brothers old house and started working on going back to school and working. It was very hard for us for awhile there. On October 14, 2005 at 10:45pm we welcomed our son Noah into the world. 9lbs 8oz and 21in long via c-section He just had his 4th birthday and can not wait for Halloween tonight! He is going to be Batman the Brave and the Bold.

In November 2006 my husband enlisted in the US Army as a 68WM6 (combat medic/LVN) and left to go to Boot Camp at Ft Benning GA. He came home for Christmas and then had to go back to graduate in February 2007. I was a very proud wife that day when we saw him in his uniform, unfortunately it wasn't a very long visit because he had to leave for AIT at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX. It was several weeks before we were able to drive the 4 hours there to visit him on post because they had to earn their privileges to use cell phones, computers, visitors, etc. When he was about 4-6 weeks from finishing his Combat Medic part of his training my son, cat, dog, and myself moved into an apartment about 15 minutes from post. We were able to visit with him on a nightly basis for 2-4 hours before he had to report back to his barracks for the night.

When I would be waiting on him I would see other wives that had moved near their husbands waiting for them to be released to us for the few hours we would have them. Two of the ladies I saw in the parking lot I meet and we all became fast friends. They both had 2 children each, and we would meet almost everyday. I have made life long friends in these women and miss them on a daily basis. One lives in Ohama, and the other lives in Ohio. Their husbands were just combat medics and when they were done with their training, moved home. Mine however, like several others in his class, were moving on to their LVN courses. Phase I was at Ft Sam, Phase II was to be determined later. We and a few others landed at Ft Bliss in El Paso, TX. I also meet another wife during this time, and we PCS'ed together to the desert. We were stationed there for a year, where I learned I had PCOS and we had a long road in order to concieve again.

When Mike gradutated with Honors from his LVN course in June 2008. We then got stationed at Ft Riley KS. I made several friends there and started working for a grocery store in town while I was going to school online. In March 2009 I learned I was expecting again! We were overjoyed. While we were at Ft Riley, my husband was dignosed with high BP, high heart-rate, and extreme migranes. This was all presant at Bliss but nothing was done about it till we moved to Riley. He would suffer from 6-15 mirganes a month. As a sufferer myself I would just feel awful for him. They started a med-board for him and was released with a medical discharge in July 2009. We moved home to Arlington, TX and stayed with his parents for the time it took us to find jobs and a house to buy.

I am now 25 days from my due date with our second son, Gabriel Peter. I'm very excited to meet our newest addition to make our family of three to four.