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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Essentially essentail, the journey into oils for me

So I have decided to get back into blogging at least 1-2 times a week. Its been awhile but need to put myself back out there. Share what I know! So a quick catch up, last year I graduate, hubs graduate, I got my RHIT, and the boys are great. I have been noticing an increase of people using EO's (essential oils). Between a few different brands actually that I saw this "war" going on. No mine is better than yours blah blah blah..... Kinda turned me off them for awhile. But then it kinda died off. Well a friend,(we'll call her "S") invited me to a class at her house after ^^^that died down to me. So I was like ok, since I was curious anyways and had been asking her questions about them. I went with the intent on buying nothing and just asking questions, let alone signing up. Because lets face it, Avon and Mary Kay didn't pan out for me and I made no money. So I decided just to see what the "big deal" was about these so called EO's. I went to her house on the afternoon of the party. Sat at the counter and was talking with a few fellow karate moms that were there and "S" as she was making a dessert to serve (mounds chocolate cake OMG GOOD) while we were waiting for the class to start. "R" the lady who was doing the class was super nice and she went through different oils and blends explaining how they work and such. Answered about a billion questions. Still wasn't 100% sold yet on them. (what can I say I'm a skeptic with my medical background) Well I was getting a sinus headache while I was there. She shared her Past Tense roller with me to use for my headache. Not 10 mins later I was already feeling better, no Excedrin that usually upsets my stomach if I haven't eaten, no Benadryl that makes me sleepy. Just this blend of oils that DoTerra makes for Headaches. BAM, I was looking at the LRP(Loyalty Rewards Points) kits to start out with and see what the different ones are and such. Several different levels to start with, ya know I was a little overwhelmed at first. I started pretty small, with the Family Physician's kit (has 10 different oils in it) 5ml bottles to start with, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue, Breath, Digest Zen, and On Guard. I wanted to have 125 PV points in order to get the FREE (yes I said FREE)product of the month. Which that month was Cedarwood, why do I want 125 PV points? What are PV points?? Well I'll tell ya cuz ya asked! PV points are product value points. Most products DoTerra have are point per dollar (not all but quiet a few of them). Each month if you are a LRP member you get 25% off retail prices and PV points. According to how long you have been with DoTerra is what percentage you get, I am at 15% right now and not far off from 30%, you start with 10%. What do you do with these PV points you earn? Well I'll tell ya!! You can use your PV points for FREE products! OMG FREE STUFF!! I love FREE!! For the month of Aug I used some of my points and got 3 bottle for free and made sure I had a 125 PV order and got a 5ml bottle of On Guard for (yup you guessed it) FREE!! I am fully sold on EO's and love them to pieces in the few months I have been using them. I have been doing research and have a book that I use to reference what I am trying to use them for and such things. (Modern Essentials, 5th Edition), can be gotten on Amazon or for your independent study. My site is, feel free to check it out and message me if you have questions. I don't mind them at all, if I don't know the answer I will ask someone who does! I am still learning about them and have a TON to learn. I have several blogs in my about my use of oils over the last several months of usage. But that is for a later date and time :) Now disclaimer time: I am NO doctor, nor do I pretend to be one! I am not here to give medical advice nor am I qualified to do so. Everything I say on here is of my own personal opinion and/or testimonial to my usage of the oils I use. Incorrect use of oils can be dangerous, YES it can, I am careful of what I use on my family and myself. DoTerra is Certified Therapeutic Grade oil, meaning it is safe for ingestion 98% of the brands out there SAY they are pure but they aren't really DO YOUR RESEARCH!! HOWEVER some of them are not recommended for internal use and some are called HOT oils and can burn when on the skin (I.E. Oregano, Peppermint, Thyme to name a few) The Modern Essentials book tells you which are safe for internal, aromatic, and topical use. Also breaks it down by children, pregnancy, and adults, and if it needs no dilution ("neat"), moderate dilution, or heavy dilution. and with that.... that is all... for now...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summertime oh summertime

So it's summertime... what am I doing? Going to SCHOOL!!! Isn't school out for the summer? Not for me! I am about to start week four of my 5.5 weeks of summer classes. THEN I am out till fall semester! Not to brag but I have almost pulled up my overall GPA to be in Pi Theta Kappa! About 8yrs ago I went to the same college there and had to leave in the middle of the semester. I dropped the classes but they didn't drop.... sooooo after I realized this... 6yrs later... it was too damn late to do anything about it... so I had two F's on my transcript. Nice... SOOOO I have been busting my butt to make sure I bring up my GPA. and I almost have! With any luck before I graduate I will do so. You have to have a 3.5 to get in, I have a 3.43 now. So long as I don't blow it I think it CAN be done! While I'm here busting my butt at school and work, my boys are with their Memaw and Poppa in GA. They went to camp with them this past week. Its a wildlife camp, they got to hold snakes (um glad it wasn't me!), shoot a bow, fish, and dozens of other fun stuff. On their last day of camp they got to do HUGE water blow-up water slides. My monkey man, he LOVED it! I saw some of the photos and he looked scared to death going down but mom said he keep saying "again again, more more" lol Step-bro Shane and Cowbo took him many times, so did my step-bro Blake. My oldest was so excited about the water slides he went to breakfast that morning with his swim suit on! They said monkey was the life of the "party". That one is too cute for his own good... and a con artist at that. On the first day, Memaw said he could have ONE cookie... every single time she turned around he had another one. All he had to say was "please" (if you can imagine a 2yr old's please) and they would give him one! lol What a stinker! THEN one night mom had to go to the ER she wasn't feeling well and had to leave them at camp (she is fine dr told her to go and get checked out). Well they were watching a movie in the bunk house and let him lay on the bottom bunk to watch the movie. At lights out he would get up and go turn them back on and giggle. They ended up having to put him in the pack in play so he would stay put! On his first morning at Memaw's and Poppa's he started to say "Pa want out" I know they are enjoying their time with my boys. But I sure do miss them! Here are a few pics from camp. Soon my babies... 10 more days... so for now that is all.....

Monday, May 28, 2012


My cousin Erica is missing. She hasn't contacted anyone in our family for about 6 weeks. We are very concerned about her. She lives in the Birmingham, AL area. If you have seen her, talked to her, please contact me. Erica if you are reading this, we all miss you and love you. Please let someone know that you are ok. Your family and son need you and love you.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


With my semester! WOO HOO! I survived! 13hrs was a bit much this semester, I am glad its behind me and I can be more focused on what really matters and to why I am in school in the first place: my kids. I am killing myself right now to make a better life for them and to be a better mommy. My eventual goal is to work from home. With the field I am going into, that is a total possibly. This semester was my heaviest load, I have to take 2 classes this summer, 3 (one which is clinicals) in the fall, and just clinicals in the Spring. I am ready for a life where I don't have to work nights, and don't have to work every weekend. Where I don't have to miss, karate or baseball, or anything else that is important in my kids life. Both of my boys are so super sweet, kind, loving, and compassionate. It hurts when my son asks me as I walking out the door after he gets home from school "are you going to work again mommy?" or when my 2yr old comes running after me on the way out and it breaks his little heart he can't go with me. Why would I want to miss moments like these?
How can I not do everything I am doing for them? Sometimes I wonder if I don't do enough, then I remember that I am NOT Super Mom. I am just a Mom, I try my best to be there and do everything I can, be supportive and to show them how much I love them every single day. Sure I am not perfect, but who is? I have to remember that, and you do too. Remember that yes, we sometimes miss things, yes we screw up, no we are not perfect, no our kids are not perfect little angels ALL the time. Just remember to try, that is all that matters. so for now that is all...

The experiment: Replacing butter with Filippo Olive Oil

The family experiment: So I received a sample of Filippo Olive Oil from It was a nice size bottle too! So I thought I would try out switching the butter in my dinner tonight and the oil to cook my family's dinner and see if they noticed a difference. I used the butter to olive oil chart they gave me in my package to make the the mashed potatoes, replaced the veggie oil for the fried chicken pieces (nuggets), and used the oil in my steamed corn instead of butter. I made it for my 2 picky eating kids, also picky husband, and my VERY picky mother and father in law (not so picky). Not one person (including myself) could taste one bit of difference. Everything was so yummy! I find it very interesting that they did not notice, especially since my mother in law puts butter on everything! After we all finished dinner, I reveled my secret! They were all surprised and shocked they liked everything so much. I think that replacing the butter and regular veggie oil will be in our family's future from now on. What do you think? Should I venture into baking? I think so! so for now that is all...

Friday, May 4, 2012

Garnier Fructis

As most of you know I am a Bzzagent. I love trying out new things, especially when it is beneficial to my hair! I recently received a full size sample of the Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine shampoo and conditioner. I have tried and liked some of their other products in the past and was super excited to try this one for sure. I have long, very thick hair, that tends to be super duper frizzy. In the past after I blow dry my hair I have had to use at least 2-3 products on my hair plus a flat iron. Let me tell you my morning time is super busy, and I hate when it takes me super long time to get ready. I have 2 little boys to get off to school along with myself off to school/work. The first few days I didn't notice much difference in my hair, still had to use same amount of product and time to do my hair. After about a week of daily use, I did notice that I didn't have to use 2-3 products plus the flat iron. I only need my mousse and a mild usage of my flat iron. I used to have to spend 10-15 minutes with the flat iron, only have to use it a few minutes now. Like a couple swipes to catch the fly aways and I'm done! I love the creaminess of the conditioner, they both smell great. I love when my hair smells good. When I shop for hair products, price, performance, and smell are what steers my decision to buy. So I would give this product two very big thumbs up in all 3 areas. So if you are going to try this product give it about a week to really notice a difference in your hair. and on that note that is all...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Semester almost done!

This past semester has been so crazy! Noah is in t-ball the season is almost over we have a 6-4-2 record! I am so proud of my little Astro! He has (as well as the other boys) improved a lot this season. We are going to have to work on him hitting from a pitched ball this summer for when he plays Coach pitch next year. He wants to play fall ball, this makes me sooooo happy! Because if you didn't know already I LOVE baseball!!!!
He also is in Karate and just earned his Orange Belt last week! This picture is from when he he won 2 metals at a tournament. Gold for bopper sparing and silver for Karate flags. He went up against camo belts (he was a yellow belt and that is 2 belts above him). We started a new cycle for Masters Class for the Bo Staff, he is super excited to start that!
As for me I can not WAIT for summer school to be done. I need a break. My Spring classes will be over Tuesday thank goodness (2 finals). I took my last lecture test, Lab final, a quiz, and my 1yr test on Tuesday... I'm all tested out! Then I get 2 weeks off before I start back to summer classes. I am glad that after this summer is over it's pretty much all downhill. YAY! My lil monkey man is getting so big and growing up! He is still totally 100% obsessed with Monster Trucks! He started potty training, and let me tell you. I did NOT want to start.... One thing I totally dislike, potty training. My goal is to have him trained before he goes with my mom in June.
I don't know what to do with myself, for 20 days my kids will be with my mom. Both kids. No kids. Um what do I do??? Noah went for a week with my in laws in CO last summer but we kept the baby. I am happy that they are going to spend time with my family, but sad because I will miss them so much. Well my headache meds are FINALLY kicking in, only had a headache EVERYDAY for the last 2 weeks. I walk outside and boom instant headache. So whatever is blooming can stop now! I take allergy meds but they don't do CRAP!So on that.... that is all...