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Monday, August 29, 2011

My First Week of Classes

This week was my first week of classes. I survived! Barely but I did! Now lets just hope that I survive the semester. This week my teachers were not all that big on lectures or lab. Tuesday we hit the ground running and hard. In one of my classes I have a group project, 2 oral presentations, 4 lectures tests, 4 journal quizzes, and a few more things he mentioned.... I might die... my med term teacher said today we will be learning about 2,000 words this semester. She said if we learn the word parts that we should be good come the comprehensive final. Which by the way ALL of my finals will be that way. 3 lectures and 2 labs... O M G

I knew this was coming, I know I can do it. I just have to believe that I can and go for it. Being positive is half the battle. I am making a calendar in Yahoo to sync with my iPad so I can make sure I know what is coming and when. I have two of my three classes all in there, I don't have the calendar from my teacher for the third class yet. She said she would have it Wednesday for us. As the semester goes on I will add and delete as necessary to help keep me on track.

I just keep thinking that in 2 years this will all be behind me and I will have a good job. I will be able to support my family and help Mike get his BSN or better. I just hope we are not worse for the wear by then. Lets just hope and pray we all make it through unscathed. and on that note...

that is all...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Busy Busy Week

This week has been a whirl wind of things to do and it is not even close to being over. Wednesday night we went to the Rangers vs. Red Sox (lost 13-2), we left right after we picked up Noah from school. Not only was it $1 hot-dog night it was, autograph Wednesday. The last time we went for Autograph Wed, we were only able to get 1, and it was the pitching coach. This time there were hardly any people there at 4:20ish when they opened the gates and we were able to get 3! Colby Lewis,
Derrick Holland,
and, Cruz.
Holland was super nice to Gabriel, tried to give him a high five! Poor Gabriel got shy and wouldn't give him one back. That's ok he is still little, only 21 months old. We sat out in the CF just to the left (if your facing the outfield) of the grass. The only HR that the Rangers got that night landed in the next section over like 5 seats from us! That was really neat, Noah just loved it! Mike and I have never been so close to a homer before either!

It was so hot that night too! Only 108 and of course our seats were in the sun! Till the middle of the second a cloud cover came and hid the sun for the rest of the game! Thank goodness otherwise we were not going to be able to sit there much longer!
We had a fan that squirted water, the kids loved that! Noah loved getting his brother and I loved that he loved getting squirted! We love baseball! I hope we can go to another game before the play-offs and post season starts. Of course this does not reflect badly on my boys the Braves one single bit! I LOVE my Braves, but they aren't in town. We left at the beginning of the 7th inning. It was getting late and it was a school night!

Noah came home from school that day with a list for MORE school supplies for his Art class that they go to on Wednesdays. So another $17 later the next day he has hopefully all the supplies he needs for school.

Friday when I went to wake him up, he was already awake and told me that he didn't sleep enough. I told him "sorry but you should have gone to bed when I told you too." He was very tired, I felt bad for him. However, elementary school isn't like pre-k where he can stay home because he was tired. He did get dressed and ready like I told him he had to do. Our trip to the school takes all of like 2-3mins depending on how long it takes me to get out of the neighborhood. He feel asleep! When I went to pick him up, the PE teacher walked him to the car and said he was very weepy and tired. He told me "I cried for you all day mommy." So I pulled out his folder it said "very lethargic today, but followed all directions. 5 stars. cried for mom all day but listened and did what he was told to do." I am so proud that he did what he needed to do all day even though he was so tired. He had a great week, finished the week out with 5 stars everyday! Everyday they start out with 5 stars, minus 1-note in daily folder and no stamp, minus 2- 5- from recess and note to home, minus 3- 10-from recess, and note, minus 4- no recess and note, minus all 5- no recess, go to principal's office and call home. For doing so well his first week in school we are going to go and see Spy Kids, this is a one time thing not a weekly treat. If he does well on his progress report that they get every 6 weeks, maybe then he will get another treat of some sort. We shall see... and on that note...

that is all...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day

Today is my oldest First day of Kindergarten. Today we were allowed to walk them in to where they need to go. I walked him to the area that he waits for the teacher to come and get them if they are dropped off early. Then when the Teacher picked them up, I followed them to the classroom and left him after a few more photos.
Everyone said I would be crying today after I dropped him off at school. I teared a bit as I was leaving, but nothing to bad that I just couldn't wipe away with my hand. After some errands that Mike and I ran with the other muchkin, we went back and had lunch with him.
Today was the only day I will be able to have lunch with him. After this week I will be in school myself 4 days a week, and possibly working on the 5th.

He had a great day at school. Had fun at recess, they did a scavenger hunt, and read in class. Well that is what he tells me. He said everyone but one girl liked him. "She had a mad face at me" not to sure what that is about, but I'm hoping that it will be better tomorrow. That was the only "problem" he had, the teacher at lunch told us that he was a real good helper. His folder said he had a fantastic day! Looking forward to many more days like that! and on that note...

that is all...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Freaking out! In a good way

So last night was Meet the Teacher Night at Noah's new school. I just can't believe that he starts school in just a few more days! Lots of people keep telling me that I will be in the parking lot crying after dropping him off. I have a feeling that they are all so so right. I remember when he was just born. That day I will never forget.

I was 5 days overdue with him. I went in at 5am to be induced. After being in labor all day, having a nightmare of an experience, they decided to take him at 10:45pm via c-section. After they cleaned up my 9lb 8oz, 21in little boy and showed him to me, I passed out from pure exhaustion. Woke up as they were finishing and getting ready to wheel me into recovery. My husband was waiting for me in recovery, he watched the whole thing from his chair they gave him. He is a nurse now, so stuff like that doesn't bother him. No way did I want to see any of that! Since they had such a hard time getting him out, because he was stuck. Can you just picture it, my 5ft nothing Dr laying on my stomach pushing, and a big linebacker of a Dr, having one leg on the table for leverage trying to get him out! Can you see why I would pass out? lol

I remember when he took his first steps at Christmas time to "ninja-like" run across the living room and snatch Mike's fudge. Without missing a beat he kept running and ate the whole thing before we could even react! He has always been such a sweet boy, he still tells me all the time without me saying it first "I love you mommy" and my FAVORITE is "your beautiful." I know its corny but hey it makes my day when my first born makes my day like that.

I remember his first birthday: He wore a green striped shirt, had his own cake, and a batman cake for everyone else to eat. He was COVERED from head to toe in his cake and we had to wash him off in the sink! Then I also remember that Mike left for Basic a few weeks later, but that's another story.

This is the latest picture I have taken, I got a Free mustache in the mail from a freebie site. I just thought it was so funny to advertise a free mustache that I ordered one! I told him that he looked like Mario! I also tried to get him to say "Momma Mia" but he wouldn't do it. lol

There will be many many more first to come for my oldest son: first day in middle school, first day in college, first love, first break up, and the list can go on forever. I plan on being there (with camera if I can) for each and every single firsts and lasts. and on that note

that is all...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Burn baby burn!

We had a blast at Hurricane Harbor yesterday! We (me and the kiddos) meet up with my friend from Kansas and her 3 girls. The kids played in the kid area for awhile, then they wanted to go to the wave pool. BUT baby "K" was hungry so I took the girls and Noah over there by myself. She watched Gabe for me, she also learned what it would be like if she had another one any time soon! I'm so glad that her girls can swim, made it a lot easier to keep an eye on Noah. He is getting better, but the life vest was a HUGE help. Then we went back and played more, after baby "K" feel asleep it was my turn to watch the babies. She took them all on the lazy river. So we played for about 4hrs then went to the car and ate. We decided that it was already 3 o'clock and neither one of us wanted to get stuck in traffic so opted to just call it a day. Gabe was passed out before I hit the highway and Noah before I changed highways!

After we got home and unloaded the car we all just wanted to chill out. As I was putting our stuff away, I got an itch on my back. That is when I discovered I had forgotten to put sunscreen on my back! OUCH! I was going to get my friend to put it on for me and totally blanked it. I remembered to get the kids good, but Noah did get a little sun on his cheeks. He is lucky and its all gone today. I am not so lucky. I awoke several times last night because I had rolled over onto my back.

My friend "D" has stepped into her new role as mom and step-mom quite well from being a Cpt in the Army. She has changed quite a lot since the last time I saw her. In, most defiantly, a good way! She has 2 step daughters that were staying with their mom that lives here, she came down to get them and visit the grandparents. She also has a new baby girl that is just about 3m old. So sweet too! She has been a real trooper in her travels only being 3m old. She just went visit daddy at Ft Rucker, AL while he is doing some training to go to his new unit.

RAIN! We finally got rain today! My poor plants and yard have been roasting in this heat! I think it would have to rain constantly for a week to even attempt to reach where we need to be for rain fall. It is nice though not have to water the yard tonight! I also can not wait until the heat goes down, its been killer on my power bill. It is usually under $200 a month. Not this past month... ouch to the wallet! We have been keeping the thermostat on 76, any higher and it get uncomfortable in the house. We have high ceilings. I may turn it up a notch or two and see if the hubby notices. He is the hot natured one in this house. and on that note

that is all...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

bad night, bad day

Today was a extension of a bad night. I had a coupon for Chili's (yesterday only) kids eat free with an adult entree. I wasn't feeling well before we left. I thought if I ate something I would feel better. Not really the case. Got home and was confined to the bed for the rest of the evening because I felt so bad. This morning woke up VERY dizzy, then the headache came. BLAH. Eventually I had to get up and get ready for work. Went to work and put on a smiling face and got through it. A pressure system moved through (got NO rain from it) and made my headache worse. I figured if we got rain from it, it would ok! No rain! UGH

However being at work kept my mind sorta off my head because it was very busy today. Lots of back to school shopping and lots of calls of people who have waited to late to buy uniforms and are calling everywhere trying to find the sizes they need. I bought Noah's weeks ago and boy am I glad. There are like NONE in his size at my store now. Most stores that sell uniforms have gotten they majority of their shipments of uniforms that they are going to get for the season. Our store carries them year round but not in masses like we have now.

I didn't really eat much today because I haven't felt well for 2 days. I really hope that tomorrow I will feel better while we are out with friends. Which by the way I can hardly wait to see her!!! Its my friend from Kansas that is a civilian now. She was a Lt when I lived in KS, she is out now as a Captain! So proud of her! When we lived there a few years ago, I used to watch her dog Bella for her on her work days. Noah loved Bella, hipper dog, but sweet dog. That was her baby then. Now she is happily married with two step-daughters, and a newborn! All girls! I will not be meeting the hubby for he is at Ft Rucker, AL for training. We are all going to Hurricane Harbor for a day of fun, sun and water! Noah LOVES the water! She is bringing an extra adult so WOOT for an extra hand-off of baby duty! So the ADULTS get to have some fun too :)!!!!

Just on a side note I want to thank a friend for encouraging me to continue to write my blog. Hey you know who you are! GO BRAVES!!!!! and on that note

that is all...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How old are we?

WHY some people feel the need to touch the mirrors at work! As I was cleaning the mirrors at work I can understand the finger/hand prints at kid level. BUT the finger prints that are on Full length mirrors where no one can stand on anything to reach that high that are at ADULT level.... REALLY?!?! How old are we? Little kids yes, I can understand them touching the mirrors. My kids do it, they have always been curious of the baby in the mirror. I actually have a video on my myspace page (that I never use anymore) of Noah playing with the baby in the mirror. I can understand if it was an accident, that you didn't mean to touch the mirrors. Its just that I know that someone at some point is doing it on purpose to be rude. Just to be clear I don't mind doing my job and being good at my job.

We are out of soap in the ladies restroom because our supply order didn't show up. So we have sanitizer bottles in there on a temporary basis until we can get some soap. Someone watered it down with WATER! OMG REALLY ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

Ok, now that I have vented out a little bit of my pent up rage for today I feel a bunch better. and on that note

that is all...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kiddos, school, etc..

So tonight we are watching Despicable Me for the 10millionth time! "He's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!" lol Love that little girl she is so super cute! I like this movie, it has a lot of good things about it. The family love that he finds in the girls. He tries so hard not to fall for them, but they are just too hard to resist! But really who could resist them anyway? My kids, I would do almost anything for them. (there are limits to everything, ya know what I mean)

I work in retail, today a lot of people were buying uniforms for school. I am SO glad that I bought them already and not having to try to hunt down his sizes. Many people are having issues hunting down the right sizes because they waited to buy them. School around here starts on the 23rd and we have meet the teacher next week. I'm totally freaking out because this is my baby that is going to real school not just pre-k where it doesn't really matter if he goes or not. I finished school supply shopping last week, REALLY glad I don't have to deal with the crazies trying to rush and fight over what's left. I started early, pretty much as soon as they started putting stuff out. I knew a few things that he would need off the top of my head from having friends with kids that have already been in school. That and I looked at last years list that was still up on the site, they had not posted this years when I started shopping. I got 95% of it at Kroger for like dirt cheap, the rest I had to get at Staples because that was the only place that had construction paper (he needed 4 different kinds). On the other hand I am excited that he is going to school! He will be learning so much, before I know it he will be smarter than me!

My school starts on the 29th. I got into my program, Health Information Technology. I will be going for my RHIT accreditation. My hubby also got into the RN program at his school. So for the next 2 years we might be crazy people! At least he doesn't have to go to school next summer like I do. So I have Fall/Spring/SummerI/Fall/Spring. Then I am going to be DONE! I can sit for the national exam in my last semester because we will be done with all my coding classes in the Fall before my last semester. I have taken all but 3 classes that are not my coding classes. So I am only taking 10hrs this semester unlike a few of my 25 classmates, that will have to take a full load of 18hrs. Next semester will be about the same, 2 additional classes to my coding classes.

This semester: 10hrs
Health Data Content/Structure
Health Care Delivery Systems
Essentials Medical Terminology

Next: 13hrs
Advanced Med Term
Coding and Classification Systems
Ambulatory Coding

I'm just glad I got A&P I and II, English, Humanities, business classes, Psychology, and my other computer classes (intro to databases and excel) out of the way! So other than these next two semesters my last 3 will be only coding classes! My last semester is clinical's and BAM that's a wrap! So if I seem a little crazy over the next few months you all know why! Well I better get to bed soon, work in the am!

that is all...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ready for a Break!

From the 40+ days of 110 degree weather! My poor family is so hot natured that they are all miserable when they go outside. The second Noah hits the door he starts complaining that its hot. Gabriel is too young really to complain but I can see it on his face that he is hot. Since his "hair cut" (another story) he seems to be better and less hot. My husband because of his medical issues when he goes outside and his blood pressure goes up and it makes him have a migraine.

So since we are under EXTREME drought conditions, conserving water, and power from 3-7pm. We can only water like once a week or so. So while watering the backyard in my attempt's to keep my lawn alive, we half filled our small pool to try and cool off tonight. The boys played outside for like an hour and I'm so glad that we got to get out of the house!

We did go to the health department clinic today in order to get both boys a chicken pox vaccine. Our Dr's office doesn't carry that one in stock. So now both boys are ready for school! Poor Noah started to scream as soon as he sat in my lap, Gabriel wasn't to pleased either about getting a shot today. Of course by the time we left (2 and a half hours later) they were both grouchy, tired, and hungry! So was I, so in true fashion we stopped for ice cream on the way home.

I should have taken a picture of my dinner tonight it was SO yummy! Pork chops, corn, garlic bread and spinach salad. The pork chops I used an egg wash, then breaded with wheat flour, basil, celery seed, parm cheese, and ground thyme. I fried it in oil on the stove (made a huge mess in the process) until done. Everyone ate it, including Noah! And of course you can not eat pork chops without apple sauce!

Well off to finish my Monday night shows work in the morning.

that is all...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hanging with the boys

Today is a day that I hang out with my lil men. We watch TV, play games, eat together, and go grocery shopping. When the baby gets up from his nap in a bit we will go to the store and get our supplies for the week. Tomorrow they are both going to be really mad at me! I have to take them to the health department to get their Chicken Pox vac's because our Dr doesn't carry it in stock.

The last time Noah had a needle was near him he screamed so loud that the other nurse came in the room to see if she needed to assist the nurse that was in there to hold him down. He was just screaming not kicking or struggling. I think this is partly my fault that he is so freaked out by needles. When he was getting his 4yr old shots (he'll be 6 in Oct) I didn't tell him that he was going to get a shot that day and when M came in to give him the shot he freaked out and ever since its been like that. I was only trying to help him and I think I made it worse. As soon as he hits the door to triage he starts in with "I don't want a shot" even if its not his turn at the Dr's. Poor M, he hasn't really liked her ever since.

Thank goodness Gabriel is still little and he forgets almost as soon as I pick him up to comfort him. He is growing way to fast for my liking, he will be 2 in Nov. I sure hope that he stays as sweet as he is now. Most days, most all day long he is supper dupper sweet lil man and smiles at everyone. He does have his moments when he can be a little toot but hey nobody's perfect all day long!

that is all...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Total bummer! and Win!

So we went to the kid to kid sale, my new friend was going to get some hair bows for her little girl that is just 2.5months old. (BTW she is too cute for words!) They were 50% off, well they said that the clearance was the ones for the stuff-a-bag sale, so there were marks on the the ones on the racks that had green on them. SO we both assumed without asking that those were the ones on sale. WRONGO! Turns out that there bins that we didn't see when we came in that were the ones for the stuff a bag, there was nothing left in any of the sizes we needed. I guess we should have been there at 7am to actually get anything worth getting.

So we decided to come back to my house and at least let the kiddos play for a bit. Her 3yr old boy and my 6yr old boy got along great! Abby did scare him a bit because she was a bit excited to see the new people but I locked up Molly in her cage so she wouldn't jump on her with the baby. She wasn't to pleased that she was confined to her cage with new people in the house. I hate doing that to her, she is so sweet when she calms down.

So they left and went home to eat lunch, we ate left over spaghetti. What is it with spaghetti? Why does it always taste better the next day? I'm sitting here trying to decide if I want to go to the grocery store today or wait and go tomorrow after church? Naw you know its already almost 100 outside I think I will wait till tomorrow.

that is all...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Small world

So what's up? As I'm sitting here in bed waiting for my pain pill to kick in that I haven't had to take in several weeks I have to decided to post something this evening. (now that I have figured out that chrome will post my blog and that IE was being a PITA)

I am apart of a group on Facebook that my friend from AWW added me to a few weeks ago. I posted on there tonight that I was going to go to a great sale tomorrow at my local Kid to Kid. One lady on there whom I do not know replied that she wishes the one near her would do the same sale. ANOTHER lady asked her where did she live? Turns out that she lives like 20mins from me! WOW that is like crazy right?! So we have exchanged #'s and are going to the sale tomorrow together to try and get our kiddos some winter cloths :) with both of our kids in tow!

I'm excited to make a new friend! I really don't have many friends that live close to me, the closest one lives like an hour from here and we hardly get to see each other. The other 2 ladies that will be my life long bestest friends in the whole world live in OH and NE...

and that is all...