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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Man Ive been slacking!

Well I havent blogged in some time, but I have good reason! I had my baby boy Gabriel Peter on 11/24 at 7:32a 9lbs 2oz 20in! He arrived via planned c-section with my wonderful Dr Glenn at the helm, I did so much better this time than I did last time. With my first one I had to do 16 hours of induced labor before they decided to do a section. It was so nice to just go in and have him without all the guessing! He is 2 weeks old today and doing very well, nursing was a bit of challange at first but he got the hang of it in about a day. We went home on Thanksgiving day a little bit before 11am. We got home and got Memaw, Poppa Terry and big Brother and headed over to my in-laws house for Thanksgiving dinner with the family. We all had a great time over there. About 6ish my mother wanted to go home and I was way tired so the 4 of us headed home and Mike and Noah stayed over there for awhile longer.

My mom stayed till 12/3 when she went home with Terry so they could get my step-brother the next day so he could come over for the weekend. They were sad to go, but hopefully we'll see them again soon. We miss them so much already. Noah got very attached to his Memaw while she was here.

Mike had to start back to work the Friday after we got home... poor guy didn't want to go back to work right away. I'm not looking forward to going back to work at all, Im going to start back on my school work here this week. I have to get done so I can finally get myself a real job and not some stinky old job that any monkey could do. Im just tired of having minium wage jobs and would like to be done with school and say I did it. I graduated and have a diploma. I do however enjoy being a stay at home mom but still would like to get something that says I did that, I went back and got my degree. It would set an example for my children that it can be done. I do which I had finished before children and marriage but wouldnt change it for anything. Well better get some dinner on the table or it will be late before we eat!