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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So here I sit in pain again. Hubby snoring away and so is ds5. Both dogs and my youngest is in bed as well. Im going to school this semester and so my last few months have been very hecktic. School 3 days, work 5 days, Mike working 3 days, Noah going to school 5 days a week. oye.... Its a wonder I get outta the house with my shoes on the correct feet! Im taking A&P I and Sociology. I have a B in both classes right now. Im applying to the Health Information Techonology program for next year. I have signed up for just A&P II next semester cuz taking 2 classes and working 40hrs has been way to hard on me and Im just stressed to the max.

I also got a speeding ticket recently. Although I do have the upmost respect for police (my uncle is one) it still pissed me off. Cuz I didnt realize I was speeding until I saw the sign and he was sitting 20ft behind it! Jerk! He saw my DV tags and asked if I was the Veteran, I told him no it was my husband. Officer "tell him thank you for his service, here's your citation" UGH! I find out next week how much its going to be. Please Lord dont let it be more than $150 cuz I might just fant and have a total cow.

This time last year I was in the hosptial having my youngest. I cant believe that he is 1 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! love mommy

I sit here just 2 days from Black Friday at work. Im a little worried about my team's preformace. I just hope and pray that they are all awesome and help and replenish and I dont have to yell at anyone for being a pain in my butt. Our new Sales Lead has NEVER worked retail in her life! Poor thing I dont think she knows what's coming! Our new Co-manager she worked at a clothing store last year and they only did about $3000 there. We are planned at $17000 but our DM wants us to do $20,000. This is my 2nd Black Friday with the company and my 3rd Christmas season with Bath and Body Works. We watched a video of a SLT memeber having a nightmare of pretty much the WORST team ever can imange of customer service. I had that nightmare myself! But I know its just a dream and that my team will be fab! Well my pain pill has kicked in so goodnight!