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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So here I sit in pain again. Hubby snoring away and so is ds5. Both dogs and my youngest is in bed as well. Im going to school this semester and so my last few months have been very hecktic. School 3 days, work 5 days, Mike working 3 days, Noah going to school 5 days a week. oye.... Its a wonder I get outta the house with my shoes on the correct feet! Im taking A&P I and Sociology. I have a B in both classes right now. Im applying to the Health Information Techonology program for next year. I have signed up for just A&P II next semester cuz taking 2 classes and working 40hrs has been way to hard on me and Im just stressed to the max.

I also got a speeding ticket recently. Although I do have the upmost respect for police (my uncle is one) it still pissed me off. Cuz I didnt realize I was speeding until I saw the sign and he was sitting 20ft behind it! Jerk! He saw my DV tags and asked if I was the Veteran, I told him no it was my husband. Officer "tell him thank you for his service, here's your citation" UGH! I find out next week how much its going to be. Please Lord dont let it be more than $150 cuz I might just fant and have a total cow.

This time last year I was in the hosptial having my youngest. I cant believe that he is 1 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! love mommy

I sit here just 2 days from Black Friday at work. Im a little worried about my team's preformace. I just hope and pray that they are all awesome and help and replenish and I dont have to yell at anyone for being a pain in my butt. Our new Sales Lead has NEVER worked retail in her life! Poor thing I dont think she knows what's coming! Our new Co-manager she worked at a clothing store last year and they only did about $3000 there. We are planned at $17000 but our DM wants us to do $20,000. This is my 2nd Black Friday with the company and my 3rd Christmas season with Bath and Body Works. We watched a video of a SLT memeber having a nightmare of pretty much the WORST team ever can imange of customer service. I had that nightmare myself! But I know its just a dream and that my team will be fab! Well my pain pill has kicked in so goodnight!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Well well

So here I am its midnight and my hip has me awake with pain. Lovely. There's not alot on TV right now, so I'm watching Lara Croft, the second one. My 4yr old sound asleep, hubby snoring, cat on my legs and dog at the foot of the bed. I would say that we are pretty full right now and nothing else can fit in my bed! Soon I will have to dislodge the cat to get up and move lil man to his bed so I can at least get somewhat comfy to go to bed.

I so glad I'm off this weekend. So glad! I'm ready for 2 days in a row. I worked 40 hours last week, 31 this week, and will have another 40 next week. I'm only a part time employee as a Sales Lead. But I know I wont be complaining when I get my paycheck next week! lol Our other sales lead went to another store that was closer to home for her and so this week and next we are on-boarding a new one so until she is ready to hit the floor running I get extra hours :) We also have physical inventory on Monday, so glad I don't have to do that! I get to open the store while almost everyone else has to do the inventory. For the last few weeks for prep, we haven't been opening any product we don't have to, because if the box is sealed than they don't have to open and count the product. Usually when we get freight on MWF we cut the tops off and put them on the self in the back if we don't need it on the floor for easy replenishment.

So the baby is 8 months old, wow how time flies! He's crawling and getting faster by the day! No teeth yet though. I saw a 6month old in the store today that had 2 teeth already! I have a feeling that lil Mr Gabriel is going to be a early walker and very independent like his big brother. Noah was walking at 9.5 months!

So Ive decided I need some sort of project. Ive been playing with the idea of the 6 items thing, that they have been talking about on the news lately. Its where you have 6 items of everyday wear, work wear and such for I think they said for 30days. Here's a link to the site so you can check it out. I wonder how long I could do it for before anyone noticed.

So what do you think? Should I? I think it would be an interesting project, it would def make me have to be more creative with my belts and such. Let me know whatcha think. Duh I would have to do pictures like everyday to see what I could come up with! Here's a new pic of the baby so you can see my lil man!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my Dad's 72 birthday! I sure wish I could see him more. He came out here for 5 days after I had my second son Gabriel. The time before that I saw him out in Vegas when my oldest was 7 or 8 months old, he was crawling but not walking yet so it was sometime then. My oldest is 4 1/2 now :( I certainly miss him lots and lots. Happy Birthday daddy-o, love your Pattie-o

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Working mommy again

I have gone back to work. I love my job! I used to work at Bath and Body Works when I got pregnant with my first child. I loved it when I worked there a long time ago and was very happy to accept the new postion. I truely believe in fate. I have faith that my iPhone messed up that day so I could go to the Apple store and see that BBW and go and run into someone I used to work with and get a better paying job with more hours.

Since starting work my lil man has had to learn how to take a bottle. Which wasnt an easy task for poor daddy. It took him a week to finally give in and take it. He was going 10-11 hours between nursing's because he refused to take the bottle while I was gone to work all day. I felt so bad, but I knew that he would eventually take the bottle from daddy. I was so relieved that he did it! Now on my day's off I make sure that he does get a bottle at least once a day so that he can stick with it for anyone that is babysitting him. This Friday my bestie is driving 30 mins away to come and help me out. She truely is a great and wonderful friend. Poor girl last time she got lost trying to get my oldest from preschool, then set off my alarm and couldnt get it to shut off! I was on the phone with her and the alarm company trying to get it to shut off. Finally got it to shut off and whew! She was awesome, I didnt have time to do a sink full of dishes that day so when I came home she had not only done them but cleaned up dinner AND the cake she made with the kids! She is a great and wonderful friend. When we are doing better and I have some time this summer Im going down there to see her and ride a horse at her in-laws house!

Last night at work was a good night that I did everything that I was suppose to do and tried very hard to make my 2 segments but alas I missed them both :( the first one by $24 and the second by $49. My conversion wasnt all that great either. They want us to be at like 72% or higher which not that unattainable it just not that easy either. I did however help the other girl make her segment with a $150 sale. Glad for her, just wish I could have made mine too :(

Since lil man is NOT going to let me finish this tonight I will have to try to blog more later... so with that NITE!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Today is Easter 2010! WOW I cant believe it. Gabriel is almost 4 1/2 months and Noah is 4 1/2! I wont get to say that again! The Easter Bunny came this year and visited both my baby angels. Not a whole bunch but boy at church they sure got a lot of eggs! Next year me and Mike will have to split up and go with each of the boys because Gabriel will be in the 0-3 group and Noah will be in the 4-6 group! I wish Noah was going to K next year but since he has an October birthday he doesnt start until he is almost 6! But I was the same way since my birthday was in the middle of Sept. My niece Rachel and Sophia will be the same way because of where their birthdays fall. Rachel's is just 3 days before mine and Sophia's is 4 days after Gabriel's.

My sister threw a Welcome Home Darrell Jr party yesterday in Atlanta. Im so gratefull that he is home safe and sound from his year long depolyment. He married in Decemeber, bought and closed on a house the same month, got his wife preggers, then left for a year! He was able to make it home for the birth of his first and only child Luke. Sarah was having some issues and they were able to get a Red Cross message to his command to let him come home 2 weeks early for his R&R. He got home Sunday morning about 8ish and she went into labor that night and Mr Luke was #17 great-grandchild to be born into our clan of a family!

Darrell's sister Leann who was also pregnant at the same time as Sarah and myself had a repeat c-section with baby Hadleigh which made #18 just about a week and a hlaf before my planned c-section. Leann is engaged to be married later this year! I really really hope I can make it to her's or my cousin Philip's wedding later this year. I just want to go home a visit everyone so badly. It made me very sad to talk to everyone on the phone the day of the party and they kept saying "wish you were here" I miss them all so much, but I also love my life here in TX!

Im going to have to go back to work here soon in the next few weeks because my FMLA is almost up for my 90 days that I extended past my maternity leave. Gabriel seems to be improving with his new medication. He's not a fan of getting a bit of a taste of mommy (I mix some BM in the medication to hide the taste) then having to wait 30mins before I can feed him. I also need to get a boogy on my school work. With all the relatives we have had visiting and all the running around and the baby its been hard to sit down and work on school work. But Ive GOT to finish so Mike can go back to school so he isnt a LVN forever. If I can finish and get a good job making as much as him then we'll be set for him to go back to school because the GI bill will also give him money for housing, books, tutition, etc. Im going to start to set aside at least 2 hours a day if not more to work on school. Ive got to stick to my guns and get my degree. I will have it!

Well I better go to bed now, lil man might or might not let me sleep till 7:30am! Here's hoping!

Friday, March 26, 2010

The last 4 months.

Well Ive been a major slacker on my blog that I started when I was preggers with Mr. Gabriel. But when you have a new baby and a 4yr old life can be kinda chaos! Well I went on leave early due to leg, back and hip issues and have had to extend my leave because of my sweet angels GERD.

GERD - Gastroesophageal reflux disease. Very painful acid reflux. My oldest had reflux but not near as bad as Gabriel. He has his good days and bad days. Most days he is a "happy" spitter, the days he isnt makes for long days for mommy with screaming and spit up. :( My poor little man is having a bad day today which makes for mommy a little on the cranky side as well.

I had to get up at 3am to relieve my tatas because he was sleeping so well he slept through a feeding. But then he woke up at 4am to eat so I feed him and he passed out but I did not. I finally got back to sleep about 5:30 this morning about the time Mike had to get up and ready for work today. THEN the puppy was coughing and woke the baby up at 6:30.. oy.. I then had to get up and get dressed because today is the day we were suppose to get the puppy, Molly, fixed and her shots. She has had a cough and runny nose for a few weeks but I took her into the vet a few weeks ago and they said it was allergies. WELL the vet today say its much worse than that, she is going to be on antibotics for the next 2 weeks, twice a day. The vet also said that there is a possiablity that we could lose her to this, if she doesnt get better and soon. We would be so heart broken to lose her only after having her a short time.

My 4yr old, Noah, has been in Ice Skating for the last 4 weeks. He has 4 more weeks until he starts Hockey. Im so proud of him because he did so well the last class and passed his test with flying colors! Im a very proud momma!

Im about to reenter the work force since Ive been out of it for the last 6 months. I dont make near as much as my sweet hubby but its enough to make our lives comfy. Im writting this blog from the comfort of my couch with the baby asleep finally on my lap. Poor guy hasnt gotten a good nap all day because of his tummy issues. I finally got him asleep eariler but then a fighter jet from Carswell flew over the house and woke him up.

My dad came for a visit about a month and a half ago. I hadnt seen him since Noah was 6 months old. It was a great visit far to short for my liking. He is doing well and starting a new job soon. His current girlfriend, Becky, I havent met or really talked to but once on the phone seems to make him happy. Im very glad that she does that because after his last wife (yes I disliked that woman, she made my life misrable) he deserves to be happy. Im hoping with me going back to work that we can start saving for us to go and visit him and go to Atlanta to visit with family that my hubby hasnt meet ever! We've been married almost 7 years and he hasnt meet my grandparents or any of my cousins. All 30 of them! 13 first and 17 second! Well I think Im gonna wrap this up for now and try to be better about blogging. I really enjoy it but finding the time to do it is hard these days. Hope you all have a great weekend!