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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Trying this sucker out

So as I lay in bed in tons of pain today I'm trying to play with my iPad. I was reading my friends blog book which I have previously mentioned and it makes me think of me when I was in her shoes while pregnant.

I remember feeling weird about becoming a mommy. Both times. Noah was kinda planned and Gabriel was completely planned. Which to my dismay several people were not happy about me having one child let alone two. I love my boys and wouldn't have it any other way. Do I want anymore? Um I don't know, because we are not sure if we want a third or fourth. No hiding it I have always wanted a girl. I think their cloths are so cute and would love to have the relationship with my daughter that I have with my mom. We talk almost everyday sometimes multiple times a day. Even if it is just for a few minutes. My boys are so sweet, Noah tells meant times a day that "I'm the best mommy ever" or "your beautiful mommy" (heart melt every time) so when I say I wanted a girl I say that lightly. I have the two most wonderfully wonderful boys. Gabriel is so sweet and one happy kid. He is always smiling even when he knows he isn't suppose to be getting into this he shouldn't be getting into! He is a toot at times.

He still refuses to say momma on a regular basis, again stinker. I know he can he just won't. His new thing is he wants to say "huh" for everything. It's sooooooo annoying! Every time I say something to him he says huh, argh! So ready to be able to understand him more.

I'm so glad Noah likes school right now and hope that he will continue to like it as the many years we have of school left. I know this is his first year and we have 12yrs left plus college. I did enjoy school while I was in grade school. I did not like college the first go around. Maybe because that degree wasn't for me. I however seem to be enjoying my classes last semester. I think patho will be interesting this coming semester as well.

Well I have seemed to have rambled on instead of staying on point about just trying out the blogger app. So on that note

That is all...

Friday, December 30, 2011

Interesting Day I would say

I really miss blogging. With my work schedule and kids its really hard to find time to write.

I am sitting here talking to my friend who just recently published her first book. I got it the other day and have been readying it. She is one funny lady! A lot of the things in her book and blog I can relate to, I have two boys too! When I found out that I was having a boy, I freaked a little bit too. I had sisters! I was like what am I going to do with a boy?! Don't get me wrong I LOVE my boys more than life itself and would do anything for them. Bottom line boys are GROSS! They pee all over the floor, seat, wall, trashcan, counter, you name it, its been peed on in my house! I went to go to the bathroom this morning and REALLY glad I looked before I sat down.... Noah had peed ALL over the seat.. NICE. GREAT way to wake up in the morning! SO normal goings on while getting ready for my shift at work. Go outside, Mike had moved his dads car behind mine AND did not take the trash out this morning to the street. EVEN BETTER morning!

Went to work no big deal, all nice peeps all shift. LOVE it! We seem to have super nice customers :)

While at work found a pair of $.97 jeans. DUH I tried them on and WOOT they fit! They were not free but sure were close to it! YES! Total score for me! YIPPPEEEE I mean how could I not try them on for that cheap! They were meant to be mine because they were the only one in that size (there were 3 pairs) and they were Talls! hehe

I went to have sushi with my mother in law, 2 of my nieces, and my sister in law after work today. That was very nice, just to sit and chill and be girls! None of us like "real" sushi, raw fish GROSS if you ask me. I had Philadelphia Rolls (cooked salmon and veggies) and Shrimp Tempura (again cooked shrimp and veggies). They were both very yummo!

After that my sister in law and nieces, we went to the Hello Yellow Sale at BBW. Which most of you know that I used to work there for awhile. I wanted to dig and see if I could find anything useful for teacher gifts, etc. I found several and got a few things for myself. I mean HELLO its all WAY on sale ;) Got me some Need a Margarita body wash (sooo love), a mini 2oz of their new one Aruba Coconut, and some wallflowers for the house in Tis' the Season (best Christmas smell EVER). Then we went to tool around JC Penny's for a bit, thought I found some deals and get to the register and it was all WAY more than I thought (about double). So I ended up with some socks for Noah and that was all I got today.

Mailed my extremely late gift to dad and future bride. The funny thing is I addressed the package to P and B Chestnut not even thinking about it. I kinda went blank on her last name so I just said oh well it'll get to them. Then call them on my way home to tell them to be on the look out for it. That's when they tell me the news of them getting married. 12-12-12 They want the boys to be in the wedding. I would love for them to be in it, I am going to have to figure out how much that is going to cost plus, need to know when my finals are for Fall 2012. That date is a Wed not a Sat or a Sun, so its more difficult to figure out.

Pain has been bad lately, tonight isn't so bad. My nightly meds are kicking in so I am going to finish for now. So goodnight, sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite!

that is all...

Monday, December 5, 2011


I have finals this week and they may be the death of me. 6 exams this week with 2 of them being finals. I had 2 today, one tomorrow, one wed, and 2 on Thursday. And of course I'm sick, great! Mom is coming into town on Wed as well. Working holiday hours this week too. Oy to the vey this is going to be a tuff week to get through.

My hubby however has "dead week" this week at his school, must be nice! I am done with school for the semester on the 13th. I can not wait for a break. Lets hope this week goes by super duper fast!

Off to study and cough on my notes some more.

that is all...