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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Where to vent?

So I have been MIA for awhile I know. Sorry. School was insane last week! 4 exams in 3 days! This week isn't to much better, 1 on Tuesday and 2 on Thursday. The one on Tuesday is my mid-term for Medical Terminology. It is over ALL words Chapters 2-9 (about 800ish words!) Sorry tangent.... back to what I came to blog about:

Where can you vent these days? Facebook? Nope, if you go there and vent someone will see and tell on you. Blog same thing! Twitter is just about as bad. When you want to get it all out its hard to find a safe place to get it out in the open and make yourself feel better. If you keep it all in you will just make yourself sick.

So you think you can go to a message board and your safe. Not bashing boards here, some are wonderful and can really help you out. But lets face it there will always be a few "bad apples" in the bunch. I have been a victim of online bulling not only in high school, but as an adult as well. I know a few friends that have been victims as well. I have left the board that a few people were bashing me for telling my side of MY story. People taking offense to my own personal beliefs. Bashing me for having a IUI to have my second child. You name it they found a reason to hate me. I am one of those people I am so nice it makes others sick. I care far to much about others feelings before my own. So I have tried my hardest to make sure I take care of my own before worrying about those stupid people. Don't get me wrong, you mess with me I might not fight back as hard. You mess with my family that is a WHOLE new story and can of worms you do NOT want to open.

Of course you can always have your "go to" person. I have quite a few that I can tell just about everything. And I know I can tell them in confidence. What I am talking about is where can you go (besides a therapist) and let it out if you don't want to talk to those people. Do you have a "safe" place you can go?

If you can't find that place, find someone. If you know that someone is bulling you or someone else. Take a stand and put a stop to it. Nothing breaks my heart more than hearing about online bullies of a high school student that committed suicide. So my question is, do you know what your kids are doing? Are you involved in their lives? I know where my kids are, who their friends are, I go to PTO, I stay in contact with their teachers. I do these things in spite of being tired, need to study, taking tests, and everything that goes along with the many hats I wear these days. Yes my kids are still young, doesn't mean I won't be doing the same thing in the future. In 12 years when Noah is in his Senior year of High School I will most certainly be able to tell you these things.

I know this kind of turned into a anti-bully speech, and venting rant. I just feel the need to get this out there in the open. And on that very sleepy note

that is all...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So today I took my oldest to the dentist. I was really hoping he wouldn't inherent Mikes' or mine baby teeth. Welp no such luck! Mike and I both had horrible teeth as kids. He had his teeth capped by age 7 (I think), me constantly at the dentist getting fillings. Went today for his check up he has a broken tooth that needs a silver cap and another that needs one too. PLUS 6 fillings!!! OMG!!! I about died! We brush EVERY morning and EVERY night. Use mouth wash, the whole 9 yards! I feel like a horrible mother! Poor kiddo has to go two more times to get them all fixed. I guess I will have to make super duper sure from now on he does a great job on brushing! Or I will have to take over.

Brings me to another thought on genetics. Eye color. I have brown eyes (a dominate gene) and Mike has green/hazel eyes. Noah has hazel eyes like his dad and Gabriel got blue eyes! My dad and sister have blue eyes so I guess they got my recessive gene. They both have light blond hair, but it was black when they were born! I have brown hair and Mike has red. Again my sister "K" has blonde hair. Recessive genes win again! So how about your kiddos? Do your kiddos have recessive gene traits or did those dominate ones win? and on that note...

that is all...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Holding on

Its been 2 weeks since we lost my Nana. The first week was really hard to deal with the sadness. Everything at school seemed to remind me of her. In my Health Data Content and Structure class we have been talking about types of health care facilities, i.e hospice and such. Of course that made me think of her, started balling in class and had to step out. In my medical terminology class I had to try and keep it together because I sit on the front row and in the middle. Would seriously disrupt the students if I got up and left. My professor for both classes (have the same instructor) emailed me the Monday after it happened to send her condolences of our families lose. She didn't have to but she did. Thought that was super nice of her to show concern for her students.

There were several nights I had a hard time sleeping because I couldn't stop crying and pull myself together. My sweet husband was very nice and would just hold me and let me cry. I think a lot of my sadness stems from not getting the closer I needed, like going to the funeral. The next time I get out that way I will have to make a point to go and see her and get my final good bye. I guess I always knew one day I would have to say goodbye to her, just doesn't make it any easier. Really doesn't

I keep finding myself wanting to pick up the phone can call and check on her. I know that I can and I stop myself. I talked to my Granddaddy last week, just to call and see how he is holding up. Couldn't help but just ball my eyes out after I got off the phone with him. Have you lost a Grandparent? How have you been coping? I haven't been so well these days. I sure hope that I can and soon.

that is all...