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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Essentially essentail, the journey into oils for me

So I have decided to get back into blogging at least 1-2 times a week. Its been awhile but need to put myself back out there. Share what I know! So a quick catch up, last year I graduate, hubs graduate, I got my RHIT, and the boys are great. I have been noticing an increase of people using EO's (essential oils). Between a few different brands actually that I saw this "war" going on. No mine is better than yours blah blah blah..... Kinda turned me off them for awhile. But then it kinda died off. Well a friend,(we'll call her "S") invited me to a class at her house after ^^^that died down to me. So I was like ok, since I was curious anyways and had been asking her questions about them. I went with the intent on buying nothing and just asking questions, let alone signing up. Because lets face it, Avon and Mary Kay didn't pan out for me and I made no money. So I decided just to see what the "big deal" was about these so called EO's. I went to her house on the afternoon of the party. Sat at the counter and was talking with a few fellow karate moms that were there and "S" as she was making a dessert to serve (mounds chocolate cake OMG GOOD) while we were waiting for the class to start. "R" the lady who was doing the class was super nice and she went through different oils and blends explaining how they work and such. Answered about a billion questions. Still wasn't 100% sold yet on them. (what can I say I'm a skeptic with my medical background) Well I was getting a sinus headache while I was there. She shared her Past Tense roller with me to use for my headache. Not 10 mins later I was already feeling better, no Excedrin that usually upsets my stomach if I haven't eaten, no Benadryl that makes me sleepy. Just this blend of oils that DoTerra makes for Headaches. BAM, I was looking at the LRP(Loyalty Rewards Points) kits to start out with and see what the different ones are and such. Several different levels to start with, ya know I was a little overwhelmed at first. I started pretty small, with the Family Physician's kit (has 10 different oils in it) 5ml bottles to start with, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue, Breath, Digest Zen, and On Guard. I wanted to have 125 PV points in order to get the FREE (yes I said FREE)product of the month. Which that month was Cedarwood, why do I want 125 PV points? What are PV points?? Well I'll tell ya cuz ya asked! PV points are product value points. Most products DoTerra have are point per dollar (not all but quiet a few of them). Each month if you are a LRP member you get 25% off retail prices and PV points. According to how long you have been with DoTerra is what percentage you get, I am at 15% right now and not far off from 30%, you start with 10%. What do you do with these PV points you earn? Well I'll tell ya!! You can use your PV points for FREE products! OMG FREE STUFF!! I love FREE!! For the month of Aug I used some of my points and got 3 bottle for free and made sure I had a 125 PV order and got a 5ml bottle of On Guard for (yup you guessed it) FREE!! I am fully sold on EO's and love them to pieces in the few months I have been using them. I have been doing research and have a book that I use to reference what I am trying to use them for and such things. (Modern Essentials, 5th Edition), can be gotten on Amazon or for your independent study. My site is, feel free to check it out and message me if you have questions. I don't mind them at all, if I don't know the answer I will ask someone who does! I am still learning about them and have a TON to learn. I have several blogs in my about my use of oils over the last several months of usage. But that is for a later date and time :) Now disclaimer time: I am NO doctor, nor do I pretend to be one! I am not here to give medical advice nor am I qualified to do so. Everything I say on here is of my own personal opinion and/or testimonial to my usage of the oils I use. Incorrect use of oils can be dangerous, YES it can, I am careful of what I use on my family and myself. DoTerra is Certified Therapeutic Grade oil, meaning it is safe for ingestion 98% of the brands out there SAY they are pure but they aren't really DO YOUR RESEARCH!! HOWEVER some of them are not recommended for internal use and some are called HOT oils and can burn when on the skin (I.E. Oregano, Peppermint, Thyme to name a few) The Modern Essentials book tells you which are safe for internal, aromatic, and topical use. Also breaks it down by children, pregnancy, and adults, and if it needs no dilution ("neat"), moderate dilution, or heavy dilution. and with that.... that is all... for now...

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