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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


With my semester! WOO HOO! I survived! 13hrs was a bit much this semester, I am glad its behind me and I can be more focused on what really matters and to why I am in school in the first place: my kids. I am killing myself right now to make a better life for them and to be a better mommy. My eventual goal is to work from home. With the field I am going into, that is a total possibly. This semester was my heaviest load, I have to take 2 classes this summer, 3 (one which is clinicals) in the fall, and just clinicals in the Spring. I am ready for a life where I don't have to work nights, and don't have to work every weekend. Where I don't have to miss, karate or baseball, or anything else that is important in my kids life. Both of my boys are so super sweet, kind, loving, and compassionate. It hurts when my son asks me as I walking out the door after he gets home from school "are you going to work again mommy?" or when my 2yr old comes running after me on the way out and it breaks his little heart he can't go with me. Why would I want to miss moments like these?
How can I not do everything I am doing for them? Sometimes I wonder if I don't do enough, then I remember that I am NOT Super Mom. I am just a Mom, I try my best to be there and do everything I can, be supportive and to show them how much I love them every single day. Sure I am not perfect, but who is? I have to remember that, and you do too. Remember that yes, we sometimes miss things, yes we screw up, no we are not perfect, no our kids are not perfect little angels ALL the time. Just remember to try, that is all that matters. so for now that is all...

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