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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The experiment: Replacing butter with Filippo Olive Oil

The family experiment: So I received a sample of Filippo Olive Oil from It was a nice size bottle too! So I thought I would try out switching the butter in my dinner tonight and the oil to cook my family's dinner and see if they noticed a difference. I used the butter to olive oil chart they gave me in my package to make the the mashed potatoes, replaced the veggie oil for the fried chicken pieces (nuggets), and used the oil in my steamed corn instead of butter. I made it for my 2 picky eating kids, also picky husband, and my VERY picky mother and father in law (not so picky). Not one person (including myself) could taste one bit of difference. Everything was so yummy! I find it very interesting that they did not notice, especially since my mother in law puts butter on everything! After we all finished dinner, I reveled my secret! They were all surprised and shocked they liked everything so much. I think that replacing the butter and regular veggie oil will be in our family's future from now on. What do you think? Should I venture into baking? I think so! so for now that is all...

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