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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Semester almost done!

This past semester has been so crazy! Noah is in t-ball the season is almost over we have a 6-4-2 record! I am so proud of my little Astro! He has (as well as the other boys) improved a lot this season. We are going to have to work on him hitting from a pitched ball this summer for when he plays Coach pitch next year. He wants to play fall ball, this makes me sooooo happy! Because if you didn't know already I LOVE baseball!!!!
He also is in Karate and just earned his Orange Belt last week! This picture is from when he he won 2 metals at a tournament. Gold for bopper sparing and silver for Karate flags. He went up against camo belts (he was a yellow belt and that is 2 belts above him). We started a new cycle for Masters Class for the Bo Staff, he is super excited to start that!
As for me I can not WAIT for summer school to be done. I need a break. My Spring classes will be over Tuesday thank goodness (2 finals). I took my last lecture test, Lab final, a quiz, and my 1yr test on Tuesday... I'm all tested out! Then I get 2 weeks off before I start back to summer classes. I am glad that after this summer is over it's pretty much all downhill. YAY! My lil monkey man is getting so big and growing up! He is still totally 100% obsessed with Monster Trucks! He started potty training, and let me tell you. I did NOT want to start.... One thing I totally dislike, potty training. My goal is to have him trained before he goes with my mom in June.
I don't know what to do with myself, for 20 days my kids will be with my mom. Both kids. No kids. Um what do I do??? Noah went for a week with my in laws in CO last summer but we kept the baby. I am happy that they are going to spend time with my family, but sad because I will miss them so much. Well my headache meds are FINALLY kicking in, only had a headache EVERYDAY for the last 2 weeks. I walk outside and boom instant headache. So whatever is blooming can stop now! I take allergy meds but they don't do CRAP!So on that.... that is all...

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